Margilinzed groups like the old, disabled people and minorities like refugees are disproportionately affected by climate change impacts like extreme heat, environmental fires and exposed to poor indoor air quality are more likely to suffer of environmental causes. This is an important part of the population as themselves are an accelerator of development that deserves to be involved in the transition process.

Our mission

“These face challenges like access to climate information, lack knowledge on the use of early warning disaster systems to help them coordinate and prepare for impending disasters such as floods, fires etc. ”

Inclusion for Action is enabling marginalized groups to

  • Build capacity for disaster preparedness Take use of early warning systems
  • Take use of early warning systems
  • Upgrade their infrastructure to make it resilient
  • Helping them understand and access climate change related information
  • Fostering green skills

Our goal is to empower all members of society to engage in climate action through education, awareness , access to information and participation

Expected results:

“Helping everyone understand the climate crisis so as they can address the impacts of the will not only enable fast transition to low emissions but also climate resilience ”

Environmental action together! Be a volunteer and be part of our Actions!