Supporting the victims of Greek Wildfires

In response to the devastating wildfires of over 80 infernos ravaging nature, communities, and critical biodiversity, Physisorg sprang into action. Our team rallied members to provide essential support to the brave firefighters on the frontlines of conservation efforts, tirelessly battling the flames.

We delivered vital supplies such as water and dry food to those selflessly combating the wildfires. Additionally, we extended our compassion to the animals affected by this catastrophe, ensuring they received the care items they needed.

All these items were delivered to Humanity Greece, the central hub set up for the wildfire response efforts. At Physisorg, the natural environment and ensuring the long-term health of ecosystems and biodiversity are at the core of our work.

Physisorg is committed to driving down the emissions responsible for the destruction of our ecosystems. The soaring temperatures, reaching a scorching 41.0°C, serve as a stark reminder that addressing these issues is our only way forward to protect ourselves.