Workshop: Climate Change needs Climate Action

Aug 10th, 2023

On 10th/08/23, our team with support from the office of the European parliament in Greece hosted an educational spectacle dedicated to illuminate the path towards a more sustainable future. This spectacular event brought together young minds to share innovative solutions, empowering the next generation to take meaningful action.

This event served as a catalyst for igniting discussions, sharing knowledge, and inspiring collaborative efforts to fostering a platform for youth to exchange transformative solutions.

“The youth hold the biggest stake in tomorrow and a sustainable future isn’t an option for us but something we should ensure ourselves by engaging in initiatives that drive this sustainable future” said Francisco Marini who was guest speaker and project manager at NGO Nest in Berlin.

As we forge ahead, our commitment to sustainable education remains unwavering. Stay tuned for future endeavors as we continue to equip the next generation with the knowledge and tools needed to drive positive environmental change.